Doloforge Debian packages archive

Home of the Doloforge upstream native packages

This is a repository of all the Debian packages for the Doloforge system.

Add the following line to your sources.list file:

deb etch doloforge main
deb-src etch doloforge main

Then install the doloforge packages (depending on the specific architecture, some packages may need to be installed on some servers, and not on others). This is the standalone, single-host, install:

apt-get install doloforge doloforge-ap doloforge-st doloforge-dep

This relies on the following Debian sections in sources.list:

deb etch main contrib non-free

Archive signing key

To get the key for this repository, type the following in a terminal:

wget -q -O - | apt-key add -

This will solve errors regarding NO_PUBKEY F85BC484A9CCC9C0.

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Quick and dirty VirtualBox disk images

This is for the ones not wanting to install a base Debian system, even in a virtual machine of their own.

These VDI images are based on Debian etch, with the doloforge system preinstalled. Root password is "doloforge", and there is a "developer" account with the same password. Do not use these images as-is in a production environment. Don't even connect them to any network. You've been warned.

What is Doloforge?

Doloforge is a multi-stage virtual web hosting system based on standard software.

The Doloforge system is a web development, testing and hosting platform, based on standard packages such as Apache, mod_perl, PostgreSQL, etc. The system allows the creation and maintenance of a cluster of hosts, dedicated to different roles of the whole system.

Unlike other platform management tools (Plesk, Webmin, ispconfig, VHCS), this one is meant to manage a cluster that host many clients/projects. Instead of "many websites per host", it is better described as "many projects per cluster".

Doloforge won't even try to manage side tools like DNS, emails, etc.

Configuration and management is exclusively based on configuration files, which are handled using your do-it-all tools: ssh, vi and the doloforge command-line interface.

The full system is open-source, subject to the GPL licence.

More information... available via e-mail. Please contact nhuillard at dolomede dot fr.

Doloforge - © 2006 Dolomède